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Yolande Wendt

Yolande Wendt

Yolande Wendt has the kind of personality and customer service career background every real estate seller is looking for - motivation, a vibrant nature, excellent work ethic and strong local knowledge.


Having grown up in the country, it was an inevitable return six years ago when her small family decided that Bridgetown was going to be the place they call home. Being a successful tree changer herself, Yolande loves nothing more than helping those who are thinking of doing the same or those already established in the area looking for something different.


Driven by a genuine desire to help people, she approaches every situation with warmth, compassion, and abundant enthusiasm. Yolande maintains open communication and believes developing relationships founded on trust and respect is the key to her success, using effective marketing tools and providing exceptional follow up and communication.

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Yolande Wendt

Property Consultant

126 Hampton Street